What is the purpose of authority in the Texas correctional industries?

rebekahjlewis | Student

Texas Correctional Industries (TCI) is a department within the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.  TCI was established in 1963 with the passage of Senate Bill 338, the Prison Made Goods Act. TCI manufactures goods and provides services to state and local government agencies, public educational systems and other tax-supported entities. 

TCI’s statutory objectives are: 1) provide work program participants with marketable job skills to help reduce recidivism through a coordinated program of job skills training, documentation of work history and access to resources provided by Project Re-Integration of Offenders (Project RIO) and the Texas Workforce Commission, including access to resources provided through assistance to local workforce development boards in referring work program participants to the Project RIO employment referral services provided under Section 306.001, Labor Code; and 2) reduce Texas Department of Criminal Justice costs by providing products and services to the agency and providing products and services for sale, on a for-profit basis.

TCI is committed to contributing to the reentry opportunities for eligible incarcerated offenders, providing quality training for staff and offenders and manufacturing quality products and providing services that meet customer requirements.

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