What is the purpose of the writing Frindle?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that the creation of  Frindle is out of pure storybook nature.  The conflict between Nick and Mrs. Granger is a timeless one, whereby the precocious student challenges the hard- nosed teacher.  This particular challenge has a little bit of a twist in that the teacher turns out to have perpetuated the rivalry in order to help the child.  I think that another reason why the book was written was to show the power of human construction in language.  The fact that Nick "invents" a word, and this becomes the critical point in the story speaks to the idea that language is a human construct.  It also brings to light how important and how much power language can have, as Nick's mere act of joking around with language turns out to change his life.  Outside of this, I think that the overall theme of a child's creativity is an important one.  Nick manages to maintain his voice via his creative side in the creation of "Frindle" and the idea that everything that comes out of it is the direct result of his imagination.  There is a creative element present here and one that speaks largely to the idea that children's minds and approach to problems can be innovative.  In this, there is much in the story that helps to simply make it a "good read" for kids as its overall purpose.