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bullgatortail eNotes educator| Certified Educator

For me, the viewing of art is aesthetically pleasing--an arousal of the senses and emotions that will differ with each example and with each viewer. Likewise, the quality of the individual piece will elicit different feelings to each observer. The quality of art extends to many forms, including music, sculpture, painting, architecture and furniture. Different types of music will conjure up various feelings and memories, especially to the sense of hearing, while three dimensional pieces may entice more than just one of the senses (sight and touch). It is this human experience that best exemplifies the purpose of an artistic endeavor. 

stolperia eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Art allows expression of the individuality of the artist. Through artistic endeavors, people can share what is important to them with others and can learn about the values of feelings of those sharing art with them. This is what makes art a hallmark of human activity - the thoughts and emotions behind artistic expression, in whatever medium the artist chooses as most appropriate for displaying his/her talents, are unique to the human species. We are driven to incorporate forms of art into our surroundings in ways that are unknown to other forms of life on earth.

trophyhunter1 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The purpose of art is self expression. It is a way to show someone's feelings and emotions. It can make a political statement, a religious statement or even a whimsical statement. Art is very personal and evokes different feelings in different people. To one person, a painting may be breath-taking and to another, it is simply offensive. Sometimes art isn't understood or appreciated right away and must be viewed several times or even over many years, before its greatness is recognized.

e-martin eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Art has a diverse set of purposes.

Some people would say that art is the expression of culture (not only the artifacts of a culture but the articulation of the ideas that define a society).

Some people would say that art allows people to express the contents of the human mind and spirit. 

Others would say that art is a mode of communication. Art is a means to identity definition. Art is an attempt at finding and expressing the truth of experience. 

mwestwood eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Art is simply another medium for the same kinds of expression of the human condition found in prose, poetry, drama, music, and dance and any other form that is classified as fine arts.  It is a visual field that communicates through image, perspective, line, color, dimension.  Different media in art can be used such as oil on canvas, etchings, lithographs, sculpture, etc. Art is just different forms of the messages of the human soul.

maggiekb | Student

I think the main purpose of art is to communicate an idea, a thought, or an emotion. Art is a way of saying something that you think needs to be said. A lot of the time, a message can be given best through a work of art. That is the beauty of all art, including music, literature, and drama.

funny88 | Student

There are many purposes of art, it just depends on who you are talking to. For me, art is a way to express emotion, or how you feel, one painting can be interpreted a million diffirent ways. For many artists, they are trying to explain something, whether it is love, pain, sadness, etc. Everyone has their one idea for the purpose of art.

sarahsaurusrex | Student

The purpose of art differs from person to person. For the artist, it may be to express themselves in  creative way, or to seek admiration. The artist may pursue art in order to refine skills. For the people who observe the art, it is most likely that the purpose is to fins something that is pleasing to the senses. Or, to find something that makes them think, something that they are intrigued by that they can't get anywhere else. The best example of this would be walking into an art gallery, and seeing a painting that looks odd or unconventional. Basically, people want to find in artwork a sense of pleasure or a greater sense of meaning. The artist probably is using art as a way of self expression. When i first started out, i used art simply as a way to get stress out. I would use my artwork as an outlet to express who i am and what i am feeling; artwork for me was also a way to refine skills and to get better at what i was interested in. The purpose of art? To be free and express yourself; to be intrigued and pleased.

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