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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

A pure service brand is a brand that creates services that have no significant tangible aspect to them.  A good example of this would be the Disney company’s theme parks.  To understand this, we have to understand what a pure service is.

Companies can make products or services.  Products are tangible things that you can own.  The company that makes your toothpaste has made a thing that you can pick up, hold, use, and perhaps even resell.  Services are not tangible.  When a company makes a service, it does something for you, but does not leave you with something you can hold in your hand.  For example, your barber or hairstylist provides a service for you.  You cannot hold the haircut and you cannot resell it, but it had value for you.  A pure service is a service which has no tangible aspect to it.  The experience that you get when you go to a Disney theme park is an example of this.  You cannot take the experience home (though you can take pictures, buy souvenirs, etc.) and you certainly cannot resell it.  There is no aspect of what you are buying that is truly tangible.  A pure service brand is a brand, like Disney (theme park division) that is dedicated to providing pure services.