In Romeo and Juliet, what punishment does Escaslus give Romeo?

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"A fate worse than death" Romeo is banished to Mantua. Romeo's exile is an important turning point in the story. His banishment leads to a domino effect of events that change the lives of all involved. Had Romeo not been exiled, Juliet would not have made her fateful arrangement with Friar Lawrence. Which led to Romeo never receiving the message about Juliet's plan to fake her death so they could run away together. It all starts in Act I after Tybalt spots Romeo at the Capulet's ball. He is furious and wants to confront Romeo that instant, but is forbidden by Lord Capulet. He does not push the issue, but his pride is hurt and he holds on to the grudge. Later in Act III, Romeo and Tybalt cross paths again, Tybalt tries to pick a sword fight with Romeo. Unbeknown st to Tybalt, he and Romeo are now related, and Romeo tries in vain to avoid an altercation. Mercutio, Romeo's free-spirited best friend is appalled by Tybalt's behavior and confused by Romeo's meekness and decides that he will take Tybalt's challenge. In the midst of their fighting, Romeo tries to step in and calm Mercution down enough to get him to walk away and as a result, Mercutio is fatally wounded. (gasp!) In his anger, Romeo forgets himself and kills Tybalt and as a result is banished to Mantua.

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