What punishment do the three boys receive for challenging Carlos in The House of the Scorpion?

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Nancy Farmer is known for her highly imaginative, creative YA literature, and House of Scorpion is no different. It follows the story of Matt, a human clone in a dystopian world. Everything is run by El Patrón, a drug lord who has cloned Matt to harvest his organs and keep him alive later on. The book follows Matt through his early years to his teens and adulthood.

Carlos is the head Keeper at Plankton Factory, where Matt and the boys work. Plankton is, apparently, a popular food in Matt's world. Carlos is positively obsessed with plankton. He goes on and on about all the great things you can do with plankton, but he doesn't treat Matt and his friends very nicely.

In chapter 28, Matt and the boys eat lunch (plankton), even though at this point, Matt thinks it's gross. After lunch, they start to work on brine shrimp tanks. They exchange stories about how they ended up at the factory and talk about their experiences working there, including their thoughts about the Keepers. Carlos arrives and immediately scolds them for not working, and Matt, fed up with the Keepers, snaps right back at him. As punishment, they all lose supper. It doesn't matter to the other boys, though; even though they've lost their dinner, Matt stood up to Carlos, so they decide to stick with him.

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