What is the published information provided by the manufacturers of hazardous chemicals?

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That would be the information on the side of the product that details the use of the product, but also lists the dangers and side affects associated with the use of the product.  Most products have a list of instructions for use printed somewhere on their label.  Products that have health-threatening properties, that are corrosive, create harmful fumes, can cause blindness, can cause irritation to the skin, have further instructions cautioning about the detrimental issues to careless use.  An example would be the warning on the sides of ammonia and chlorine bleach bottles to not mix the two products, as the mixture of the two will cause a chemical reaction which will liberate chlorine gas, which can have toxic qualities if inhaled.  Other common warnings are to use in well ventilated areas, to remove any harmful vapors from chemicals in the products that may be inhaled.

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