What is the psychological purpose of the emotional needs of human beings? Please give specific examples of psychological emotional needs and how they relate to the human purpose.

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Human needs can be classified as either physiological needs which refer to physical needs or psychological needs with regards to a healthy mind. There are also so-called 'true' needs such as identified in Maslow's hierarchy of needs. Needs must be separated from wants - which ,of course, are uncountable.

Emotional needs feed the psychological concept as they give us choice and assist with self-discovery. If no consideration is given to emotional needs a person feels frustrated, even angry, at a lack of self-expression. Communication is also hampered.

 Emotional needs are related to emotional competence and the ability to take full advantage of a situation, meeting any challenge full-on.

Having to care for other people or having others care for you also satisfies emotional needs. A sense of community, of belonging (relatedness) is crucial if a person is to contribute to the world at large.

Self-governance or autonomy is the resolution of internal conflict. It allows a person to make decisions that do not rely on other factors. There is no control; there is no accountability to others. Autonomy is distinguishable from independence which implies the involvement of others from which that person is independent.  

 Prohibiting slavery allows for autonomy. Access to education promotes competency. Protecting families promotes relatedness

Self-esteem is a self-evaluation tool and allows a person to make judgements about him or herself. Positive reinforcement changes a person's perceptions and often things that seemed impossible before become do-able.

Self-awareness helps a person form opinions of his or her own and respond to the emotions of others. Developmental tasks would be far more difficult to achieve without a recognition of the importance of emotional needs.

Whilst self-awareness and self-esteem are crucial to the development of the emotional side of a person, they represent 'true' needs and not purely emotional needs.

Therefore, in terms of the 'human purpose,' emotional needs contribute to the concept of the 'whole' person. Without an understanding of them, psychology would focus more

on human weakness and mental illness.....previous approaches neglected mental strength and the potential for self-fulfillment.


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