What are the psychological effects of bipolar disorder?does it destroy the brain cell or can it be controll by medcation.

biancaxox | Student

It can't be cured however it can be treated with medication. The most comon would be lithium.It doesn't destroy the brain bipolar is a disorder that has 2 episodes the manac and depressed. If it's not treated, they can become out of touch with reality. in the manc phase they might think they are capable of flying etc. and do out of the norm things and when they are in the depressed phase, normally suicidal thoughts occur and a lot of the time they act upon it.

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pofanda | Student

Bipolar disorder is a brain disorder that affects people's mood, energy, and activity levels. Symptoms of bipolar disorder are very severe. People who have bipolar disorder experience drastic and swift changes in their mood, alternating between an overly joyful or excited stage which is called a "manic episode" and an extremely sad state called a "depressive episode."

Bipolar disorder can be treated, but not cured. It is a lifelong illness that must be continually dealt with. People with bipolar disorder often treat their illness with a combination of psychotherapy and medication. Common medications used to treat bipolar disorder include lithium and valproic acid.

Bipolar disorder tends to get worse if it is not treated. Over time, a person who has the disorder will often experience more frequent and intense episodes as the disorder progresses. People who have bipolar disorder will often have a slightly different brain structure than people who do not have it. Psychological studies have shown that people who have dealt with chronic psychological disorders sometimes have less developed and more damaged brains as compared to other people.

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