What is Providence and how does it conquer Fortune? How does it solve the anxiety and despair problem?

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In a sense, the difference between Fortune and Providence is one's point of view. Human beings, with a limited perspective based on living within time and seeing only a small part of the universe's temporal and spatial extent, see life as dominated by Fortune, things which happen by chance rather than being part of a greater plan. Humans also see time sequentially, as one event happening after another, and only have knowledge of events as such sequences unfold. Fate or Fortune is part of the material world that is perceived by the senses.

God sees the world quite differently. He perceives everything, no matter where or when it is located, as part of a seamless whole. The whole is Providence, a perfect design that God sees in its entirety outside of space and time.

People succumb to anxiety and despair because of bad Fortune or because individual events appear unpleasant or painful. From the viewpoint of Providence, though, all things are part of a universal plan by a benevolent God. Thus, rather than reacting with fear and anxiety to bad Fortune, humans should understand that what may appear painful might be like vaccination or surgery—something temporarily unpleasant but part of a greater good. By use of human reason, one can begin to understand the world providentially.

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