What are the protests that the colonists used? 

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The colonists used several forms of protest. When the British government passed tax laws that the colonists felt were unfair such as the Stamp Act and the Townshend Acts, the colonists protested in a few ways. They said these laws violated their rights as British citizens. They wanted them to be removed because they didn’t have representatives in Parliament to vote on them. They also protested by refusing to buy British products until the taxes were removed. When the Townshend Acts were passed, the colonists also began to make some of their own products.

In some cases, the colonists protested by refusing to obey the law. The colonists were upset with the Proclamation of 1763 that prevented them from moving to the land the British gained from France as a result of the French and Indian War. Some colonists went to these lands, disobeying the law. The colonists also said they weren’t going to follow the Intolerable Acts. They even formed their own militias to protect themselves in the case of attack by the British.

Colonists also protested by destroying property. Unhappy with the Tea Act, the colonists boarded ships in Boston Harbor and threw tea into the harbor. This destroyed the tea and created a financial loss for the British.

There were many methods the colonists used to protest the actions of the British. Some were nonviolent methods of protesting while other methods were more aggressive.

One example, tax collectors could be covered in tar and feathers for humiliation of the colonists being angry at them. They also boycotted to illustrate that they were angry. The Boston Tea Party, was a non-violent way to show protest by dumping tea into the harbor. What is ironic is that the guards did not stop them because they were not hurting anyone. King George the Third was so angry over this he made a law called the Intolerable Acts. Even Loyalists, (people who were loyal to Britain) were surprised on how harsh these laws were. The First Continental Congress was when delegates wrote a Olive Branch Petition expressing there 'loyalty' to the king and to remove the Intolerable Acts. And, of course, King George was angry and declined the request. Delegates realized that that war could not be ignored any longer, and so forth, war began soon enough.

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