What protections should the government provide people in the information age?

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This might be a good question for the Social Sciences Discussion Forum. The many questions and concerns raised by the explosion of information available in this electronic age through the Internet and the social media are going to be with us for many years to come! The answers to your questions are going to vary widely from person to person, depending on each individual's viewpoint regarding the authority of the government as opposed to the rights/responsibilities of the individual.

In order to prohibit exploitation, some restrictions regarding the spread or use of personal information without verification and permission is going to be needed. The length of time that such information can be retained in the electronic databases of governmental offices and other authoritative functions may need to be limited. Certainly, guidelines to govern the use of such private data need to be developed to guard against racial or sexual profiling or other types of discrimination.

It's a huge question, and the answers are not going to come easily or without much debate anad disagreement.

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