What protection measures have been taken to protect coastal ecosystem and can be taken?

Expert Answers
brettd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are three main threats to coastal ecosystems that come to mind.  One is the threat of toxic chemical pollution, like that in the Gulf oil spill, or what is usually waste from factories or cities that can damage the species and the habitat.  So guarding against the release of these chemicals is one way to protect the ecosystem, and preventing them from reaching the ecosystem is another.  The second threat is invasive species.  Sometimes an invasive algae or plant can take over entire coastal areas and damage the original ecosystem, and these are more difficult to defend against.  You have to watch the ecosystem closely for signs of invasive species or non-native predators and remove or block them before damage is done.  The last threat that comes to mind is that of human expansion.  When we build resorts and beach houses and develop the beach into a tourist attraction or a summer home, we invite human pollution in.  Litter, animal waste, off road vehicles and physical damage to plants and animals become a problem then.  We can carefully regulate the coastal ecosystem to protect species first, while still allowing responsible human enjoyment of it to take place.