What are the pros and cons of the women's suffrage movement in the United States?

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The major pro of the women's suffrage movement was, of course, the fact that it gained women the right to vote.  This was a right that they should have had long before.  Bringing more justice to the American system was certainly a pro.

It is hard to identify any cons of giving women the right to vote.  The best argument that you can make is to claim that there were cons about the suffrage movement itself (as opposed to the result of that movement).  You could argue that the protests that the women engaged in (doing things like comparing President Wilson to the Kaiser) were unseemly and that they made America a less polite society.  

However, this is a pretty hard argument to make.  The suffrage movement in the US did not do any of the truly radical and violent things that the British suffragists did.  Therefore, the arguments in favor of the movement are much more credible than any arguments against it.

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