What are the pros and cons of therapeutic abortions from a medical point of view and How will you deal with this issue in practice?

sciencesolve | Student

The advantages of therapeutic abortion is that this procedure can save the mother's life if it is threaten by the pregnancy or it can end a pregnancy if there are discovered baby's major problems in vital organs with zero chances of survival after birth.

The risks of therapeutic abortion are both emotional and physical, such that: risk of tearing of the uterus in advanced pregnancies that leads to hysterectomy, risk of heavy bleeding which can be the effect of rupture of one of the arteries in the uterus, risk of infection caused by the incomplete removal of the content of the uterus, risk of allergic reaction to the anesthetic, risk of placenta previa, emotional risk to feel guilty, empty and to develop a similar behavior to the one that is met in grieving process.

The methods used to perform therapeutic abortion are either chemical or surgical. Each method involves typical risks that need to be considered prior to the procedure. If the pregnancy is not advanced (first trimester of pregnancy), then the chemical method is recommended but there exists the disadvantage that the chemical process to fail and the surgical procedure to be the only option.

The surgical procedure can be performed in several ways, with regards to how much advanced is the pregnancy. Hence, up until 15 weeks of pregnancy, the vacuum abortion can be performed, while, if the pregnancy has more than 15 weeks, dilatation and evacuation, performed with suction and surgical instruments, is required.