What are the pros and cons that you see in this latest trend? Give examples of the potential environmental impact.  In the 1980s a popular environmental slogan was "Reduce, Reuse and Recycle" and now "Go Green," is a popular message

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The "Go Green" movement is the latest movement to encourage less waste, more recycling, and less harmful impact on the environment.  The pros of this movement should be obvious; anything that will better the environment would be well-worth endorsing.  The use of recyclable grocery bags and less plastic bags will stop the pileup of nonbiodgradable plastics filling our landfills.  The use of biodegradable compost from our organic wastes will cut down on the use of artificial fertilizers.  Fixing things that can be fixed, instead of tossing it on the trash heap, will help us conserve our resources.  I recently took a soccer trip to England several years ago, and was priveleged to ride in one of the Hansom cabs in London.  The cabbie told me he had 650,000 miles on the cab currently, and expected to get another 200,000 miles out of it.  America is a land that is a land of convenience.  The largest thing that sets us apart from other nations is we want what we want when we want it, with a minimum of effort.  We don't take care of things well enough, and when they break, all too often, we throw it out and go buy another.  So the largest con is getting people to make the extra effort, so as to maximize the impact and make it worthwhile.

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