What are the pros and cons of social networking sites?I need answers ASAP. It's for my research paper.

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litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Social networking can be an amazingly powerful thing, if used right.  People who tell you everything they do can be annoying.  However, the sites can be used to stay connected with people in profound ways as well as menial ones.  Yet the effect of social networking is more complex than we might have previously thought.  Research indicates that being connected via social networks is actually making us lonely!

Stephan Marche of The Atlantic, quoted in The Week, notes that “this is the paradox of the Facebook age: We have an unmatched ability to connect with other people through social networks, yet we still ‘suffer from unprecedented alienation’” (para 1).  The week goes on to quote other columnists commenting on the recent study.  You can find the text of the article here: http://theweek.com/article/index/226827/is-facebook-really-making-people-more-lonely

It’s a fascinating idea.  Because we are so easily connected with daily, trivial elements and with so many people, we lose the face to face contact that humans crave.  Why stop by to visit a friend when you can send an instant message?  Why have a party to celebrate an event when you can just post pictures on Facebook?  Sometimes being together virtually keeps us apart physically.

"Is Facebook Really Making People More Lonely?" The Week. Web. 04 May 2012. <http://theweek.com/article/index/226827/is-facebook-really-making-people-more-lonely>.

Kristen Lentz eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Another con I haven't seen discussed, is that things you may want to keep private about yourself are hard to do in the social media age.  I have read numerous reports of businesses checking out people's facebook pages to see if there is anything about the perspective employee of concern before they are hired.  One picture of a bad moment that a person thought was in private could cost them a a job if it was tagged on a facebook page for the world to find.

rrteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Some other pros are that social media can be moved to facilitate popular movements, organize causes like fundraisers, and keep up with your interests, like your favorite bands, sports teams, political parties, and so on.

Negatives would be (and this is a bit of an editorial on my part) that it tends to increase the meme-driven nature of popular culture, including political culture. Complex issues are reduced to bumper-sticker length simplicity.  

dano7744 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think social networking sites are a good way to keep in touch with old friends and acquaintances. You can share photo's of yourself and family and keep abreast of each others lives. I think one drawback of these sites is that some tend to put too much personal information out there for the world to see. I have heard stories of accounts being hijacked or stolen because of the personal information that is accessible.

katehackett eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I personally love having social networking tools to stay in touch with my far away family, but I think the biggest detriment is an over-exposure of information. Do we need to know everything? Not at all! I try to limit to "big ticket" items or funny things.


The other caution I'd give is: Lock your info down. Don't let your boss/colleagues find your facebook. Personal life should stay personal!

Lorraine Caplan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Another con is that people who use social networking sites tend to not keep up their social in-person skills.  I have noticed that my own sons are reluctant to pick up a phone to call anyone anymore.  Sometimes I fear that our vocal cords are going to atrophy.   Also, the on-line world has become the real world for many people, making hermits of them, depriving them of fresh air and exercise. 

pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The major pro is that it allows us to stay in touch with people who we are no longer able to see every day.  The major con is that it can be another way for young people to be cruel to one another.  Social networking sites make things like cyberbullying possible.

crystaltu001 | Student

The pros of social networking is that you can connect and chat with friends anywhere around the world. You can also meet new people and make friends with them. The cons of using social networking is that a lot of cyber bullying happens on these social network sites.

melissa1106 | Student

The pros of social networking is getting to connect to people from virtually anywhere around the world. you get to catch up with friends who may not be in your area and see what others are doing and meet new people. You can also network with others.

The cons are cyber bullying, it taking up your time and your data and identity being compromised or taken by others.

shewa55 | Student

to explore yourself , to know people, to entertain yourself,to entertain others, to save your time and give valuable information about yourself your city your country and the world and keep yourself up to date

baby14geli14 | Student

whats the meaning of pro and con


It's the positive and negative effects.

hahrhshh | Student

whats the meaning of pro and con


nutan09 | Student

i thing today social networking sites have more impact on children than anything else the major pros are it keeps you in touch wiith people you cannot see everyday on top of that its cheaper than any other means of communication.

the major disadvantages are people have started using it the wrong way especially cyberbullying in increasing day by day  as nobody can stop the bullies, for them its just a matter of fun but they dont realize that it has a strong impact on others

but however the advantages dominate the disadvantages.

medecure | Student

Social media is great source for new update, information. It is one of the best place to share one thing with so many people in a faster method. But at the same time people miss use this kind of website. But again it is an individual look out to provide what kind of information he want to spread to the world. Use all the safe method while filling your details on this kind of information.


hritikajoshi | Student

Lots of discussions is done on pros n cons but in summary i wud share my words tht evrythng in ths world has pros n cons n wht we can do is just to choose only the pros n neglect the cons..but we shud not forget the cons ,, we shud remember them as well but focus on pros...thnx for this platform whre i can put my views n hope u all viewers wont laugh..

tayputnam | Student

Social Networking is not as needed as people today say it is. There are other ways to communicate with people that are less harmful. Direct communication is the best form and going through things such as facebook and twitter just seem to cause more problems then are needed. 

There are way more cons than pros. There are many things that people post at a young age that they wouldn't want to be seen later on in life. Although we can keep in contact with those not close to us, it is a easier way to start rumors, bully people and to honestly get in trouble.

It has caused schools to have to supervise what students do outside of school more closely and block certain things they can access at school. If someone is not mature enough to handle social networking, it is bound to have some very big consequences in their life. 

larareneepaterson | Student


- global networking and communication

- keeping in contact with past acquaintances


- lack of privacy

- potential for cyber-bullying

jennacurtis | Student

Social Media provides steller customer service. It keeps customers up to date with information on products. Social Media also allows consumers to connect with companies and people they want to and ignore those they don't. In Social Media (with business), a downfall could be the openess and frankness. Other consumers can see bad reviews or see negative comments. There is also the problem of over communication which can annoy consumers. 

From a personal standpoint social media sites can help you keep in touch with long lost relatives and friends. It can provide up to the minute news feeds and share photos of your loved ones who live in other cities. 

The negatives of course are cyber bullying, overexposure with regret ex: sharing graphic photos or personal information with regret. 

rowdywilson | Student

Pros: You can keep up with your friends and know when their birthday it! :)


Cons: When the CEO of the company makes a change to anything on the site, your privacy settings change to the default settings as if you just made your profile. Meaning if you have your profile to friends only, when they make that change you will be open to the public. I searched myself on www.google.com and my profile picture came up from www.MySpace.com. I was so irrated that I deleted it, then I deleted my facebook. Another con is that people can/will stalk you and they may be able to find you if you give out enough information. Identity theft, fraud, stalkers, creepers with fake profiles, and just people knowing your business in general! I hate when people know that I am doing all the time. One more thing is that if you have an iPhone or an ANDROID it tells you where you checked in at like a resturant or a store and what city you checked in at.

hamiduhabiba | Student

 A social network is – a social structure comprised of people (or organizations) called “nodes”. The group will be connected by one or more common bond such as friendship, common interests, mutual friends, family members, business, dislikes to name a few.

the pros and cons of social networking site are as follows

  1. -- You get to meet new people.
  2. -- You get to have a space of your own on the internet
  3. -- It can be a lot of fun.
  4. -- It can be great if you like to write, like if it's a blogging community.
  5. -- You get to see the world from other points of views.

  • 1. Very distracting, especially when your doing an assignment using an   internet.
    2. Pedos can stalk you, other strangers can stalk you.
    3. Waste of time, thats why schools block them.
    4. Harrassment- cyber bullying.
    5. Lack of privacy
khly | Student

Social Networking allows people to be updated and easily acess information. Everywhere companies, stores, products, charities etc. are all connected to social network in any way. I personally like to follow pages on facebook like oxfam to be updated on their the latests projects. That way were are able to socialise with our friends and also get updated daily in our interests. Its is also much faster.

ilovemusic1225 | Student

I believe that the way most people are using it now in days, it can become a danger. They put so much personal information that if a predator would be lurking online, they could easily spot them and possibly stalk them. Some advantages are that you can easily communicate and keep in touch with family and friends that aren't always around or are too far away. You can also share things with people easier than texting or calling.

baby14geli14 | Student
  1.  Do you think social networking has an advantage on this 21st century? Disadvantage?
baby14geli14 | Student

How about identity theft? Can you tell me more?

baby14geli14 | Student

Another con is that people who use social networking sites tend to not keep up their social in-person skills.  I have noticed that my own sons are reluctant to pick up a phone to call anyone anymore.  Sometimes I fear that our vocal cords are going to atrophy.   Also, the on-line world has become the real world for many people, making hermits of them, depriving them of fresh air and exercise. 

Thanks for you reply. Sorry for flagging your comment by the way. It's unintentional. Thank you. =)