The US and the Philippines

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What are the pros and the cons of the Philippines' annexation by the US?

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Pros for the United States

  • The United States was able to use the Philippines as a coaling station for its warships, extending its military reach into the region.
  • The United States took advantage of the many natural resources of the Philippines, namely rubber and nickel.
  • Imperial bragging rights were also something the United States gained. This was a coveted territory by many European imperialists. As the colonial power in charge of the Philippines, the United States got to compete as a serious player with the other New Imperialists of the time.

Cons for the United States

  • Many Filipinos were very resistant to US control. Soon after annexation, a large insurrection began in the Philippines, which led to a bloody and costly war.
  • The annexation of the Philippines led to discontent in America as many felt that the country had no legitimate claim over the territory. They argued that imperialism went against American ideals of liberty.

Pros for the Philippines

  • The Filipinos had struggled for many...

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