What are the pros and cons of a manned mission to Mars?  Would you go on the Mars One mission?

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There are both advantages and disadvantages of a manned mission to Mars. On the positive side, such a mission will enable the scientists to study life in extreme conditions. We can also expect to see a number of technological advances from this mission (past missions have resulted in the development of automated health monitors, pacemakers, cordless tools, etc.). A successful manned mission will allow us to explore space further by using Mars as the base. And we may also be able to use the resources of planet Mars for furthering our goals. 

However, such a mission is very costly and challenging, and justifying the cost to simply satisfy humanity's curiosity, when problems such as poverty, climate change, etc. are threatening our existence is tough. It is a one-way mission and has slim chances of success. 

Given a chance, I would love to go on this mission. Despite the risks involved, I believe this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to explore space and help figure out how life can be established on Mars and how this can benefit the entire human race. 

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