What are the pros and cons of receiving new over the internet compared to coventional newspapers?

Expert Answers
drmonica eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Internet news also includes newspapers, because the content available in print editions can also be accessed online. For this reason, a reader from Boston can access The Boston Herald anywhere s/he travels in the world where an internet connection is  available. Readers are able to read a variety of newspapers online at no charge anytime they'd like.

Internet newspaper homepages also have archives where a reader can easily access articles and information from previous editions. In the past, one would have to visit a news office or write to request past articles.

Even the "touch friendly" aspects of a print newspaper, such as the daily crossword puzzle, are now available online for readers.

litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

One advantage is that internet news is cheap and widely dispersed. A disadvantage is that there are no standards. Anyone can write a blog, start a rumor without investigation, and cause a sensation that will be picked up and spread like wildfire. Often the originally legitimate news organizations will take it up without doing their own research. However, in the day when everyone has a camera and a cell phone, the chance of catching a story when it happens is also greatly increased. In a way, everyone has the chance to be a reporter. This is a good and bad thing for the populace.

lhc eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Internet news tends to be current and updated almost in real-time.  Conventional newspapers used to be a way to get more detailed and in-depth information and analysis about a topic, but in an effort to compete with the internet, many newspapers are trying to shorten stories and sort of emulate the internet stories in print by appealing to the short attention span of the fickle American public. 

zumba96 | Student

It's extremely fast. Once you know that something has happened, in a second it becomes viral on the internet. You can see comments people have left and how they feel about the situation. Although, there is always a chance the person was creating false stories. You have to be careful in either situations. 

eli468 | Student

Some of the pros of getting news from the internet rather than newspapers are:

  • Faster
  • More up-to-date
  • You can assess more sources and information about certain news topics
  • Allows you to find out even more about what the headlines are showing
  • You can interact with people and read comments to see reactions and possibly understand more
  • You can get the information for free (example: Buying the New York Times can cost hundreds of dollars over the course of a year, but you can read it online for free)

Some of the cons of getting news from the internet rather than newspapers are:

  • There is a lot of false information out there
  • Staring at a screen all day is not the best for your eyes or mind (i.e. headaches)
  • It can take away a lot of jobs if newspapers get phased out
crystaltu001 | Student

That advantages of having news over the internet is you can get it easier and faster. When something important is happening you don't have to wait for it you can just look it up on the internet and read it. The cons of receiving news on the internet is that some of the news can be false or fake. A lot of people tell lies on the internet.

melissa1106 | Student

The pros of getting news over the internet are that its way faster and more convenient. You can recieve breaking news in a matter of seconds. It is also cheap and easy to get news in any category.

The con's are that some people prefer reading a physical copy of something and not digital. Also it is easier for there to be lies on the internet because there are usually not many publishing parameters.

epollock | Student

One of the cons I have noticed is that on-line material can come from anyone and that anyone can become a "citizen journalist." One of the greatest problems that this creates is that ethical standards and basic journalism standards might not be adherred to simply because the reporter is not aware of them. This is why education and training are so important. 

celinecia | Student

the advantage of internet is easy access to have rapid information and free of charge rather than newspapers.Sometimes its not reliable

krishna-agrawala | Student

Today there is an increasing trend of providing news on the Internet. The most big newspaper companies have also set up sites on the Internet to provide news in addition to what is available through their newspapers.

Understandably this is because of many advantages of supplying news over the Internet. The major advantages of the Internet-news are:

  1. News on the Internet can be updated round the clock so that readers can have the most up-to-date news any time of the day or night.
  2. The type of news and the way it is presented can be customized to the needs and preference of individual readers.
  3. Reader can be alerted through e-mail, cell phones or other devices about availability of any new news of their interest.
  4. Reader can conveniently refer to additional information related to a news item using suitable links to other pages on the same site and to other sites.
  5. Readers can easily forward interesting news items to others.
  6. The news can be presented in a rich formats, which in addition to multi-colour printing, can have videos.
  7. Once a news item is put on the Internet, it becomes instantly available for use round the globe without  additional variable costs.
  8. News provider can get detailed data on popularity of news items. This information can help in better choice of information put on the site.
  9. The lead time required between occurrence of an event and news making on it available on the Internet has reduced considerably. Some items of news like stock market prices are now available almost in real-time.

However, there are other areas where  newspapers score over the Internet-news. The main advantages of newspapers are:

  1. Newspapers are more convenient to read. One can easily relax, reclined over a deck chair, and reading a newspaper. This Kind of ease in reading is not possible with Internet-news.
  2. Newspaper can be carried and read at any location of the world. There is no precondition of availability of Internet connectivity.
  3. Reading newspaper does not require any equipment such as a computer.

However, it is important to note that Internet capabilities are improving very fast, and with that the Internet-news is moving toward overcoming its current disadvantages over newspaper. It is also increasing the margin of advantages where it scores over newspaper.