What are the pros and cons of giving voters the power to enact or reject law by ballot initiative as a direct method in addition to the legislative authority of Congress?

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Direct democracy, in which citizens are able to directly participate in the political process through popular voting on laws, representatives, and so on, allows people to have much more power over the political system that governs their lives. If the majority of the country in a direct democracy believes a law is unethical, rather than having to plead with a representative to attempt to make changes, people can directly overturn that unjust law. However—and this, in my mind, is not indicative that our current system is any better—through direct popular voting on laws, a country with a majority of one demographic of people could vote for or against a law that would directly affect a minority demographic, and the majority may vote in a manner that negatively affects the minority demographic.

The advantage of ballot initiatives is that they allow voters to cast their votes directly on issues, as the legislation does not need to go through state legislatures. Therefore, ballot...

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