What are the pros and cons of education in the process of fostering national identity?For example how is meritocracy, bilingualism adds to the idea of fostering national identity?

dwale | Student

Education is an instrument of change, it guarantees development, progress and growrh, whether socially, ecnomically or politically. Education takes place in schools where curriculum is implemented by teachers as required by the society. National identity is one of the curricula provisions in most education systems. Pros: Education sensitises the citigenry so that they can identify with their nation and not to be shy of belonging to such a nation. Cons:  Education exposes people to what happens in other countries, such exposer provides the citizen opportunity to make comparisms of what obtains in his/her country and other countries, the out come of such comparism may subject him/her to develop ill feelings about his/her country, this may degenerate to haterate for the country and refusal to identify with it.

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