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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The creation of genetically modified organisms (GMO) is a very controversial subject today.  The main pro to the creation of these organisms is that they are economically very beneficial.  The main con is that they have the potential to be damaging to people’s health and the environment.

The major reason to create these organisms is that they can be economically beneficial.  GMO crops can give much higher yields than non-GMO crops.  They can thrive with the use of fewer chemicals for fertilizer or for pesticides.  Because of these things, they can provide us with more food at a cheaper price.

However, there are many people who fear that GMOs will be harmful.  They fear that these are unnatural organisms that will cause unforeseen health problems in human beings.  They fear that the GMO plants will escape into the wild and will outcompete native plants or will interbreed with them.  Either way, this would cause a great deal of disruption to the natural environment.

Thus, the issue of the creation of GMO involves a controversy between those who foresee economic benefits and those who fear health and environmental problems.