What are the pros and cons in the child bearing method of medical childbirth?

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coachingcorner eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The advantages of choosing a medical childbirth over a home birth or 'natural childbirth ' are firstly the safety aspect. Some health professionals argue that it is good for foetus and mother to be in the hospital delivery suite or even emergency room in the hour/s before the birth. Here the baby can be monitored for heartrate and Mom checked over every so often for dilation of the cervix, uterine contractions and if anything is amiss then aid can be given instantly in the form of oxygen, interventions to natural delivery or even if necessary transfusions. Interventions such as sections or assisted delivery can happen almost instantly without the hazard of waiting time to travel into the hospital. Many different forms of pain relief are also obvious advantages for Moms that feel they need them too. However these births can seem over-medicalised, cold and clinical.

A 'natural' birth on the other hand can be a lovely experience for some no-risk families although it's important to remember the unexpected can happen to anyone. The birth takes place in warm homely surroundings and then if all is well Mom and home life can go on as normal - but she may not get as much rest! If there are any complications it will take longer to access emergency help.

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