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What are the pros and cons of cell phones?

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yamaguchityler eNotes educator | Certified Educator

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Of course this question requires a very opinionated answer. Each person will believe in various pros and cons in regards to the use of cell phones. As for me, I believe cell phones, or smart phones these days, have many pros, but also many cons.

The pros: with the up to date technology being applied to cell phones, carriers are able to roam the internet, use various apps, snap good pictures, read the news, all on the go when it is convenient for them. We've all seen those Apple commercials that try and make the iPhone out to be this wonderful device that can assist you at any given time you may possibly need it. In this sense, a cell phone is used almost as a mini-computer, and can fit in your pocket. Furthermore, cell phones have the ability to make phone calls, exchange e-mails and texts, and communicate freely to almost anybody. 20 years ago, such a feat would seem unthinkable. Today, it's reality, and it's a great technology that has helped society thrive.

As for the cons: these days, many people are addicted to their smartphones. Instead of engaging in face to face physical conversation, many people are caught exchanging texts or e-mails instead. Gone are the days where people call each other just to see how they're doing. Now, with this new generation, anything but sending a text message is out of the norm. It's really quite said what this has turned in to, as many critics complain about how the new generation has lost the ability to have a meaningful conversation in person. Furthermore, the dependence of many on their cell phones, is a very disappointing aspect of this new technology. 

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litteacher8 eNotes educator | Certified Educator

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Cell phones allow us to stay in constant contact with one another. We are also safer in some ways, because help is always a phone call away. We also become overly dependent on our phones. We also become dependent on the instant contact. Phones can be dangerous too, especially driving!

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ako6777 eNotes educator | Certified Educator

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The pros of cell phones is the ease of global communication and the availability of cell phones. My favorite feature of cell phones is the memory capabilities.  Being able to store phone numbers in my phone instead of carrying around a phone book is quite helpful. Being able to use the cell phone as a radio or camera is also beneficial.

The cons of cell phone are their over use.  People can be very rude when using a cell phone in public places. Not everyone wants to hear a personal conversation.  People who use cell phone tend to talk louder than needed because of the volume setting.  Also, people who use cell phones are not as observant as people who are not on a cell phone. People have been hit by cars because they were not paying attention while talking on the phone. 

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brettd eNotes educator | Certified Educator

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You may have noticed that since cell phones became affordable and universally available, very few people get lost anymore.  Every two years I take 80 kids to Washington DC and when they get lost in a city of 700,000 people and 200,000 tourists, I'm an easy phone call away.  One drawback is I can't get...

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lfawley eNotes educator | Certified Educator

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M.P. Ossa, M.A. eNotes educator | Certified Educator

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besure77 eNotes educator | Certified Educator

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator | Certified Educator

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ik9744 | Student

The Cons:

Cell phone is a system that changed many lives around the world in both an amazing but yet bad way. Cell phones can start a bad habit of not looking around while crossing the street. For example I saw a news today that a girl was walking across the street to the airport, yet she wasn't looking and tripped over her suit case just because she was looking on her phone. Cell phone can be very addicting to children to the point where they play their games in the bathroom if it's not allowed at school. Cell phone can even be addicting to adults, trust me I've seen almost 80% of the time an adult pulls out a cell phone while eating, doing their job, or almost anything. This addiction is starting something very bad and needs a way for it to be stopped or it could potentially ruin people lives all over the world.

The Pro:

Cell phones is a very great technology to keep you child safe. For example you went on a vacation with your kid but then he/she gets lost. How in the world are you going to find her around the place you just been? Even yourself aren't sure where everything is. Then that is when a cell phone is very important. All you do is call he/she then tada! A cell phone is also good to have for school, for example if you have a test that allows you to have a calculator but then you forget, you can persuade your teacher into letting you use your cell phones. Cell phones have advantages that is so important to our daily lives but their is consequences for miss using them at the wrong time. You should be able to know when or when not to put your phone away and not touch it for at least a good 1 hour.

Short answer if you think that's too long:

Pro: Easy to use, can call your children/child if they are lost, and a tool that is good for our daily lives. Note: Technology/app is improving each day, it may lead to something amazing in the future, that we all would use to improve our education.

Con: Addictive, can create very bad habits, and can damage your eyes very badly.

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kevin0001 | Student

There are many pros and cons for cell phones. The pros of a cell phone is that you can easily communicate ( talk or text ) with your friends or loved ones even if you are far away from each other. Cell phones can help people reach help if there is ever an emergency or trouble that is going on with them. It can be also used to find others if you get lost. 

For the cons, cell phones can be very addicting, especially with texting. Sometimes, people text while doing other things like walking across the street or driving a car. This is dangerous because you are so into your phone that you won't pay attention and might get crashed / ran over. 

maria-vivanco | Student

Cell phones have made everyday tasks much more efficient and easier for people. They provide communication for friends and family and also when in need of safety. a con is that people overuse them and can become a threat to safety when used during driving an are a distraction.

melissa1106 | Student

The pro of cellphones is that they facilitate communication. They let us connect with people virtually anywhere. They also help us reach others anywhere. They also provide us with the functions of many devices such as a calculator,camera, calendar,voice recorder, and notebook all in one place.

The cons of cellphones are that they can be very distracting and can cut the amount of human interaction in real life. It can be a distraction when driving, working or even at school and we feel the need to check out phones constantly which reduces the time we actually spend with others.

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jess1999 | Student

The pros of a cellphone is that it ensures your safety . You are able to contact family members much faster and tell them where you're at . 

The cons of a cellphone is that it cause a really big distraction to your everyday life . For example texting your friends when your doing your homework would be a major distraction .

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crystaltu001 | Student

Pros : You can communicate with people

Can reach someone easier if emergencies happen

Cons : Can be a distraction

zumba96 | Student

Pros: You can talk to someone in an emergency. If it is an emergency and you need to reach someone a cell phone will make it easy to achieve. 

Cons: Many students nowadays are on their phone 24/7 and have less social meetings but instead talk through text 

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Wiggin42 | Student


1. In this fast world,communication place a important role. Cell phones revolutionized the entire way of running a business to from just  to pass the information.

2. It made our life easy, without any stress of not knowing any information right way,that saves money and time .


1. It becomes the basic need of a society.

2.The  monopoly  of a cell phone service is a threat to any economy.

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mchandrea | Student

I am a teenager and a cellphone, to me, is a necessity. The pros of having a cellphone is mainly the ease and convenience of talking to someone far away. I can talk to my grandmother who lives halfway across the globe, I can call my mom if I want her to buy something for me in the grocery, I can call 911 if I'm in an emergency, I can text my brother if I am lost so he could pick me up.

With technology evolving, we now have smartphones. Smartphones that do almost anything for us, except to actually talk with the people we are physically with. What I noticed among the people of today, we are so busy with our phones that we actually don't communicate and interact with the person in front of us. It distracts us from what is really happening around us, and that is major con of the cellphone.

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acompanioninthetardis | Student

pro's of cellphones:

They help keep you in touch with people

extremely important for emergency purposes

modern day cellphones have apps that make our life much easier

cons of cellphones:

they become a distraction

they even decrease social or face to face conversation

the user becomes more and more oblivious to his surroundings

zumba96 | Student


You can connect others way quicker

Great in an emergency 


You can always be on your phone and not notice the beauty outside

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eaamon | Student

cell phone use at work can be very disruptive and unproductive. the business owner will suspend you or fire you. either talking or texting you might want to decide if you want to use the phone or keep your job.

but it does come in handy for a emergency.

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