What were the Pros and Cons of the American Revolution? (in point form)

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The American Revolution had many consequences. While most Americans would view the Revolution as a positive event, there were some downsides to it. The positives and negatives of the Revolution are listed below.


  • The American Revolution allowed the colonists to gain their independence from Britain and enjoy the self-government that they craved. The colonists demanded responsive government and thought that they could have a better ruling system than Parliament—now was their chance.
  • The American Revolution allowed the U.S. to legally expand to the Mississippi River. This meant valuable farmland for a relatively young population.
  • The experiment in self-government from the American Revolution allowed for the creation of a Constitution. The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution are still valuable documents in the United States, as well as inspirations for oppressed people everywhere.
  • The revolution caused many to rethink the role of women and slaves in society. Women would...

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