What are the props in "The Glass Menagerie" ?List all the Props

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appletrees eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The previous answer gives a very good list of many of the props required for a production of this play. As many theatre scholars and professionals have probably noticed, the plays of Tennessee Williams contain very specific and detailed stage directions and physical descriptions of sets, props, costumes, and character actions. Therefore the props mentioned may offer some very significant symbolic commentary on the characters associated with them, in addition to being practical objects used for the play's action and setting.

For example, the glass menagerie of the title may be the most important set of props in this play, and most productions make sure to go to the trouble of making sure this prop is authentic and well-executed. Having an actual glass unicorn that gets broken is key, as this is a symbolic shattering of Laura's innocence. In a play with multiple performances it may even prove necessary to purchase multiple identical figures, assuming a technical solution to reusing them cannot be found.

The dining room place settings are also important, as Amanda places such pride in her hostessing skills and the appearance of her home. Likewise, the vase of jonquils, which represents Amanda's youth and her obsession with being a young attractive girl, is very important and the flowers should be real if at all possible.

Because the play deals with the illusions and disillusions of the characters' lives, it may also be possible to represent some of the physical objects in the play in a symbolic or other non-realistic way; for example, the jonquils could be obviously fake and this becomes a commentary on Amanda's lack of authenticity and failure to remain grounded in reality, or it could represent the fact that the vibrancy of nature is absent from her life.

mstultz72 eNotes educator| Certified Educator
  1. Glass swan and other menagerie animals
  2. Yearbook with program inside
  3. Cigarettes and matches
  4. Folded newspaper
  5. Typewriter, table, chairs, charts
  6. 3 dinner plates: beans, bread, forks
  7. Ashtray
  8. Alarm clock
  9. 2 pillows for couch
  10. 2 powder puffs
  11. Vase
  12. Telephone
  13. Lace table cloth
  14. 4 sets of silverware
  15. Candelabra
  16. 2 wine glasses
  17. Silver coffee pot, sugar, creamer
  18. Water decanter
  19. 4 cups and saucers
  20. Jonquils
  21. Chewing gum, life savers
  22. Pencil

See the link below as to all the props needed.  There are too many to list given the word limit allowed.

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