What property of water makes it useful as a coolant?

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Actually, it has several.  To be an effective coolant, a substance has to have a high specific heat capacity, meaning it can absorb a lot of heat.  It also has to be nontoxic, or nonposionous.  It also needs to be fairly common, which would mean since it is readily available, the cost should be fairly low.  Water meets all these requirements.  It is one of the most common compounds on Earth, covering nearly seventy-five percent of Earth's surface.  It has a relatively high specific heat capacity, meaning it can transfer a lot of heat without breaking down itself.  Water also has a low viscosity. Viscosity is a liquid's resistance to flowing; water flows quite easily.  Water fits comfortably in at a 7 on the pH scale, meaning it is neither basic nor acidic in it's ability to act as either substance.

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due to its high specific heat capacity and heat is removed by flow of water in copper pipes around the engine so heat is absorbed by hot water or coolent outside through the pipes these pipes then pass the heat to fins in radiator.