What are the properties of nylon?Please explain why its melting point is low and also about the monomers which make up nylon.

giorgiana1976 | Student
The latest branch of chemical fibers that developed in the last 40 years in an extraordinary pace is a synthetic fiber. These fibers are the result of development of one of the most modern branches of chemistry: the chemistry of polymers. Their synthesis was possible only when research showed the characteristics required of a polymer reliable: to be filiform (no branching or crosslinked of chains) have a suitable molecular weight, can be oriented and crystallized, to be soluble in solvents or melts without decomposition.
           Synthetic fibers have some properties superior to those natural including: high strength, excellent chemical resistance, resistance to moth and decay. Synthetic fibers can give them properties which they do not have those natural: non flammability, resistance to high temperatures, etc.. There are some unsatisfactory properties: low moisture absorption, high electrostatic charge, pilling effects,  color more difficult. With the appearance of new types of synthetic fibers, to spinning processes known they have been added new ones: the melt spinning and, more recently, spinning the suspension, the semi melt spinning, etc..
           In general, the scheme for obtaining a synthetic fiber is:
preparation of polymer -> spinning -> yarn drawing  ->wrinkling -> fixing.

The last time, is widely used and spinning co. Co spun fibers have two structures: "shell-core" and "side by side "        Skin-core fibers have a core of a polymer fiber that gives strength, elasticity, etc.., and a shell of another polymer for the lower static loading, increase gloss, reduce pilling etc.
           Structure side by side may, for example, to give a large wrinklingto  fiber if the two polymers have different contractions. Nylon:
           These fibers are used for obtaining molded articles, textiles and medical sutures. Nylon fibers are resilient and more resistant than silk and relatively insensitive to moisture and mildew.
           Nylon is a polyamide obtained from petroleum. Nylon is melting and then burns rapidly if the flame remains on fused fiber. If you can keep the flame on burning nylon,it feels a burning plastic smell.