What are the properties of color?

Expert Answers
wannam eNotes educator| Certified Educator
The properties of color may depend on the context of the question. In psychology, for instance, color properties would refer to the emotions and ideas that specific color evoke. Artists often use these color properties to enhance their work. In general, the properties of color is more likely as reference to terms like hue, shade, tint, saturation and value. The hue of a color usually refers to the color's name, like magenta or orange. The shade of the color is determined by the amount of black added to darken the color while the tint is determined by the amount of whilte added to lighten the color. The saturation of the color describes it's vibrance. More saturation will lead to richer colors while less saturation will lead to a foggy or dull look. The exact list of properties relating the color varry based on the source of the information, however these are the general properties.