what is the proper apa citation for the Encyclopedia of Small Business

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As with any style of citation, there will be several pieces of information you will need to gather from your text.  In this case, you will need the name of the author(s) or editor(s), the date of publication, the article title, the book title, the place of publication, and the name of the publisher.  Of course, you will also need the page numbers for your internal citations, but APA style does not always list the page numbers in the final works cited section.  Volumes are listed in this section, so you will need volume numbers for multi-volume works.  In APA format, you will want to list the author (or editor) first.  Then the year of publication.  Followed by the title of the title of the article or chapter if you are not citing the entire work.  Next, the title of the book appears in either italics or underlined.  This is followed by the edition number and volume numbers where applicable.  Finally, the place of publication and the name of the publisher are listed.  Below are two examples.  The first example is a citation of the entire work while the second citation shows a specific article or chapter within the work.  For more examples, see the links below (specifically the Cornell link).

Sadie, S., & Tyrrell, J. (Eds.). (2002). The new    Grove dictionary of music and musicians (2nd ed., Vols. 1-29). New York: Grove.

Kinni, T. B. (2004). Disney, Walt (1901-1966): Founder of the Walt Disney Company. In Encyclopedia of Leadership (Vol. 1, pp. 345-349). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.

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