What are proofs and their analysis in the book God in Pink by Hasan Namir based on the theme of conforming to the ideas of society due to the fearing the consequences of following your own beliefs?

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Hasan Namir's God in Pink is a novel set in Iraq during US occupation in the year 2003. The narrator, Ramy, is a good example of someone who is suspending themselves to the ideal of society. Ramy is gay, but lives with his brother and sister-in-law, who both pressure him to get married. Ramy's brother Mohammed sees Ramy as an outlet for his own shortcomings, and so pushes his unfulfilled expectations onto Ramy.

Additionally, Ramy engages the guidance of a well-known sheikh, Ammar. Ammar, too, for a time is pressured by society to conform to its ideals; he initially does not want to help Ramy because Ramy is gay. Ammar is visited by the angel Gabriel (the angle who visited Islam's prophet, Mohammed), which finally changes Ammar's mind. This visitation suggests that peoples' minds can be changed to break society's mold, at times only by divine intervention.

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