Why is communication central to marketing?

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Communication is central to marketing because one of the most important aspects of marketing involves conveying certain messages to consumers.

One of the most important parts of marketing is getting customers to have positive feelings about one’s product.  This involves such things as advertising and branding.  In these activities, the firm is trying to get people to associate certain feelings with its product.  For example, McDonald’s marketing typically tries to get people to associate McDonald’s with family and fun.  One very important way to do this is through communication.  McDonald’s needs to communicate this through their advertisements.

Since much of marketing involves trying to form consumers’ opinions, communication is central to marketing.

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Getting the public engagement is the core of marketing and that is possible only by communicating with people using different media. That’s why we can say that communication is the central of any marketing. If someone wants to market his services or products, he has to communicate with people to convey his messages.