What are the programs of the Asian countries to stop overpopulation?specify what country.

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Overpopulation is a challenging issue in Asian nations.  China, ironically enough, seems to be doing the most, although its population still is increasing.  Tax incentives and better housing to families with one child is a governmental and economic approach to curbing its population.  Nations such as India are examining the issue of overpopulation as a health crisis linked to the spread of HIV, and enthusiastically endorsing condom use to solve both challenges.  Pakistan has also ensured that the issue of overpopulation ranks amongst the top of its domestic agenda.  These are measures and programs that three nations in Asia have taken to address the issue of overpopulation.

krishna-agrawala | Student

The basic approach for controlling over population in India is to motivate people to have less children and to delay the the time of having children. I believe this approach will be common to not only other Asian Country , but every countries making planned efforts to control over population.

All the efforts of Population control in India go uner the name of Family Planning Program. This has three main areas of activity - publicity, facilitating and incentives.

Publicity refers to all the activities to convince people that it is in their interes to limit the size of their family. Thus the Family Planning Department publicizes through various means the benefits of various action such as small family, delaying child birth, and delaying marriage. One specific problem in India is the desire among Indian for at least one male child. Therefore the publicity also targets specifically at convincing that a daughter is no less valuable to parents than a son. This also liks up well with the national goal of achieving equality for women.

The publicity also cvers creating awareness about different methods of birth prevention and how to practice them.

Facilitating refers to giving easy access to various means of birth prevention. This includes subsidies sale items used for birth. It also includes easy and inexpensive access to medical procedures used for birth prevention.

Incentives covers, the benefits people are given for keeping their families small. This Generally consists of small cash award for people undergoing operations such as vasectomy and tubectomy. Also there may be some disincentive in form of denying some medical and other benefits that are available in government services for birth of children beyond he first two.