What is a product feature?

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In general business, product features are all the qualities and characteristics of a product– its size, shape, materials, and its functionalities and capabilities.

Of course, the product features that are mentioned most are the qualities that make the product saleable or that make it stand out from its competitors:  it is longer-lasting or more durable, it is cheaper to operate, it is made of higher quality materials or it is better built, it has a special function that its competitors do not, and so forth.

In the computer field, the definition of 'product feature' is a bit more specialized, and you can read something about that in the link I provide below.

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Product features are physical characteristics of a product sold and marketed by the company. It includes qualities or variables such as shapes, size colour weight, speed, durability, and maintainability. Marketers often draw distinction between product features from the product benefits. While features exist in the product by itself, benefits is the nature of value ta customer derives from the product because of features. While the features of a product remain same irrespective how or by whom the product is used. Benefits on the other hand are dependent on the product features as well as on what is needed and valued by the user of the product.

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what are the key points to describe the product.

what are the things included while we describe a product.

example a product chocolates and describe the product.

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