What processes does Military Psychology involve?i need to make a project, so any kind of info is welcome ... Any ideas as to where a case study can be obtained?

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"Military Psychology" began in 1855 with the US Government Hospital for the Insane, later renamed St. Elizabeth's.  This was set up to care for psychiatric patients from the American military.  In 1890 "mental testing" was begun, with standardized procedures and statistical analysis and the use of "norms", and throughout the 1890s and up until 1915 the various advances in psychology (the founding of the APA, etc.) were followed and used by the US military with interest. With the Intelligence Testing Movement, ie, the Binet-Simon Scale and the 1916 Stanford-Binet Revision, the military's use of psychological testing increased.  The concept of intelligence testing was applied to recruits for World War I in two forms, one for those who were literate and one for those who were not, a process used at the urging of General John J. Pershing.

During the Great War a number of committees were established to study the uses of psychology in a number of areas, including "special aptitudes", military training and discipline, propaganda, incapacitance ("shell-shock") and re-education.  In the Second World War a unified program for the use of clinical psychology in the military was finally established.  In the Korean War psychologists first served overseas in combat zones, but during the Vietnam War psychologists were not used very effectively.  The slow buildup in intensity mitigated against a coherent plan, and psychologists who served in Vietnam tended to leave the service afterwards, often suffering psychological damage themselves.

Military ethics is another branch of military psychology, as well as training, clinical psychology, "programming" and "deprogramming."  One of the links below will take you to Division 19 of the American Psychological Association, the Society for Military Psychology.