What is the process of creation of mankind as the Greeks saw it ?How were the world and mankind created ?

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

According to Greek mythology, the world was created out of nothingness -- out of chaos.

The goddess Eurynome then had a child, Eros, the god of love with either a giant serpent or with the north wind (depending on which legend you look at).  From love, came light and day and then Gaia, the earth, appeared.  (Some myths have Gaia being made from one half of the egg that Eros emerged from).

Most Greek myths have Prometheus making people.  He is said to have made them out of dirt.

As you should seee from this, there are different variations of the myths.  If you want to be sure of being right (getting the answers your teacher expects), you may want to consult the particular text that your class is using.

little-alice | Student

What I have learned is completely different.

In the beggining, Zeus' grandma; Mother Earth did create the Earth, but, so her kingdom can rest on it.

Mother Earth and her self made a baby, then came along her son, he over-ruled her and mated with her daughter.

They mated and their son, Kronos, over-powed them. His siblings became the titans.

After the Titans and God war, Zeus got bored and made humans, the Earth was already here though.