What was the gradual process called in which machines replaced hand tools in the early 1800s?

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mkoren eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Industrial Revolution describes a time where machines replaced hand tools. Before the Industrial Revolution began, people made many products by hand and worked in small work environments. As a result, many products were custom made. Some of the first industries impacted by the Industrial Revolution were the textile and the iron industries.

As a result of the Industrial Revolution, people began to work in factories. This was a big change for the workers. Before the Industrial Revolution, work environments were small and friendly. Owners and workers knew each other and their families. When workers began to work in factories, there were many workers. The owners didn’t know the workers. Working conditions deteriorated. People worked long hours and had low pay. They also worked in dangerous or unsafe environments. It wasn’t uncommon for a worker to be injured on the job and then lose his or her job.

More products were made during the Industrial Revolution. Eventually, products were mass-produced. This helped to lower the cost of items that previously were custom made.

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