What is the process of assessing the overall size and scarring pattern of the liver?

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In order to assess the overall size and scarring pattern of the human liver, there are multiple processes involved.

To accurately assess the size of the liver, an examination involving palpation is necessary in order to clearly determine the lower edge of the organ. Palpation is a non-invasive process of examining the body with the hands. This examination, in conjunction with a standard roentgenogram (a photograph made through the use of x-rays) can render an accurate picture of the size of the liver.

Verifying any scarring pattern requires a biopsy. A biopsy is simply the removal of samples of the organ in question.  

Once the cell samples are removed they are prepared and reviewed by a pathologist. The process of preparation consists of microscopically slicing the samples. The samples are then stained with a dye, for contrast purposes. The samples are placed on a slide so that they can then be analyzed under a microscope.

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