What are the problems with Uganda's government?

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Youth unemployment and corruption are two problems that face the Ugandan government.

Modern governments all over the world face many problems.  The two I identified are what I consider some of the most pressing that must be addressed.

Young people in Uganda are not finding steady and long term work.  Data from the Uganda Bureau of Statistics reveals "64% of the total unemployed persons were between the ages of 18-30."  There are different reasons for this condition.  Some believe that Ugandan youth are deficient in employable skills, while access to quality education is not widespread.  Others believe that an over-reliance on agriculture has prevented young people from participating as viable parts of the labor force. The Ugandan government needs to figure out how to reverse this trend.  Played out over the long term, it does not bode well that so many young people cannot find work. Unemployed young people can trend into older unemployed people.  It is difficult for a government to lead its nation into a steady and prosperous future when youth unemployment is a significant issue.

Another problem that the Ugandan government faces is corruption.  On both political and social levels, corruption is a significant issue in Uganda. According to Peter Wandera, the Executive Director of Transparency International Uganda, "the rate of corruption in institutions like police, lands, courts, health and private companies in Uganda is way above the average in Africa."  Corruption is seen on both small and large scales. In the most recent appointment of his cabinet, President Yoweri Museveni admitted that "patronage played a part in selection." Many Ugandans believe that corruption is a part of their daily lives.  They see it in the institutions that should be free from it.  The government has a problem when administering bribes and other examples of fraud are seen as a part of common experiences.  As with youth unemployment, Uganda will find it difficult to confidently walk into the future if corruption is such a systemic part of its existence.

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