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What were the problems with the physical evidence in the O.J. Simpson investigation?

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The Los Angeles Police Department was implicated in several procedural errors that undermined the credibility of physical evidence in the 1995 murder case The People of the State of California v. Orenthal James Simpson. Errors included a failure to secure and protect the crime scene where the murders of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman took place, mishandling of evidence, and accusations of evidence tampering. The two most controversial pieces of physical evidence were the leather gloves and the blood samples.

The gloves: one left glove was found at the crime scene and its match was found at Simpson’s home. The left glove was covered in blood that fit the DNA profiles of Simpson and both victims. Simpson was known to wear the same brand and style of gloves.

The problems: (1) The right glove was recovered from Simpson’s home by Detective Mark Fuhrman after Fuhrman climbed a wall to investigate the property. Over the course of the trial, Fuhrman’s credibility was compromised by accusations...

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