what are the problems of Miss Emily? Enumerate.

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merehughes eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Miss Emily's major problem is that she cannot move on and adapt to the town. She has isolated herself and the town has isolated her as well.  She is stuck in the past and she has a secret to hide.  There is also evidence that she is mad as well.

Because she is stuck in the past she is unable to have a relationship with anyone. Her father prevented any suitor from taking her hand in marriage and then he dies leaving her unmarried and somewhat incapable of finding a husband for herself as she does not think that anyone in Jefferson is suitable for her.  She does fall in love with Homer Barron (a Yankee) yet in all probability she has killed in when she fears he is going to leave her.  Hence another problem, she has a secret to hide.  

Her isolation is so complete that no one had been into her house for years with exception of Toby, the Negro servant. Her being isolated leads to the town making up stories about her and making her into an icon of a time past, namely the Old South.   

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