What are the problems of medical technology in the phiippines?

Expert Answers
jerichorayel eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Philippines belongs to the third world countries or developing countries. Being in that status, the country is in the transition of organizing its economy. One of the areas is the medical section. Philippines in general have certain issues regarding medical technology.

1. They have slow medical advancements. They cannot acquire new medical machines because of certain financial factors. 

2. The population plays a role in the issues. Due to large population, the medical authorities are not able to attend to every people with apparent medical attentions since medical supplies are limited to some extent. 

3. The production of herbal medicine is not very much controlled which led to compromised quality of food supplements.

4. Many people still believe in the "old ways" of medications which are apparently not effective because there are weak (to none) scientific evidences.


However, this should not discourage investors in putting up medical business in the Philippines. The country has a lot of natural resources which are potential medical researches. They have lots of great scientist who are working on the medical fields and are currently changing the medical status of the country as a whole.