Andrew Jackson's Presidency

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What problems or issues did Andrew Jackson face?

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One should not overlook the Tariff issue of 1828; which nearly divided the nation. Calhoun had issued his South Carolina Exposition and Protestdeclaring the right of a State to declare acts of Congress null and void within its borders. South Carolina did attempt to declare the Tariff unconstitutional, and this led to Jackson's Nullification Proclamation. It was this controversy, not the Bank issue, that was his most serious issue; as he saw the Union about to dissolve before his eyes. It was as a result of this controversy that, during the Jefferson Birthday dinner, Jackson in his toast glared at Calhoun and uttered his famous pronouncemtn: "Our Federal Union. It must be preserved!: His greatest issue was preserving the Union, which he did by sheer force of will. The Bank issue was also a problem for him; but he held his ground, and destroyed the bank. One should also not overlook the issue of the Cherokee Indians. When John Marshall declared them a dependent nation within U.S. borders, Jackson ignored the Supreme Court, and forced them to move West.

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As president, the main issues that Andrew Jackson faced were issues that were based on class.  Jackson saw himself as the "tribune" of the common people, the person who was to watch out for their interests.  This perception of himself had a great deal to do with the issues he thought were important.

The biggest issue of Jackson's presidency was the "Bank War."  In this incident, Pres. Jackson chose to try to destroy the Second Bank of the United States.  He felt that it was an institution run by and for the elites of the country at the expense of the common people.

The Bank War was the defining incident of Jackson's presidency.  It was typical of the major issues he faced which were (in his opinion) issues of how to protect the common people from the elites.

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