What are problems faced by developing countries? 

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Developing countries face all sorts of problems.  These problems can be split into two categories.  These are problems that the countries face because they are developing and problems that they face on the road to becoming developed.

Developing countries face many problems related to the fact that they are poor.  They tend to have low life expectancies because they cannot afford good medical care.  They tend to have poor education because they cannot pay many good teachers and/or because their people cannot afford to go to school.  They tend to have poor governance because they cannot afford a large and well-paid group of government officials.  All of these are problems that these countries face because they are developing.

Other problems that these countries face are factors that make it hard for them to develop.  There is some overlap between these two categories of factors.  For example, developing countries have bad education because they are poor, but their lack of a good educational system also makes it harder for them to develop.  They have a hard time creating a strong economy with a workforce that is undereducated.  The main problem that countries face in trying to develop, however, is competition from abroad.  Countries that are trying to develop today have to compete in a global market against countries that have a tremendous head start on them.  This tends to relegate developing countries to a situation in which they can only thrive in industries that require low-skill, low-paid workers.  It is hard to move from being a country that does other countries’ low-paid, labor intensive work to being a country with a truly modern economy.

These are some of the most important challenges faced by developing countries today.