Given the nature of the problems faced by American families today s, do you think marriage and family are worth the effort? Why or why not?

Expert Answers
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Marriages and families have always faced challenges and problems.  Our current problems are not really all that new. Through it all, people have wanted to marry and to have families.  The resilience of the idea of marriage and family shows that these are institutions that are clearly “worth it.”

First of all, marriage and family give people a relatively stable and guaranteed source of affection.  This is something that people need badly.  Single people may at times have more exciting lives, but they do not necessarily have people to whom they can always turn for love and affection.  Human beings have a need to be loved and to feel loved.  If they do not marry (or form relationships that are marriages in all but name), they will not always have a way to fulfill this need.

Second, there is an innate human desire to have children and to raise children.  Marriage and family are the best way to do this.  While there are people who can succeed as single parents, a two-parent family is much easier on the parents and healthier for all concerned.  As long as people want to be parents, marriages and families will persist.

Marriages and families give us many things that we need as human beings and which we cannot get anywhere else.  Therefore, they are clearly worth it.