Populism, the Grange Movement, and Monetary Policy

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How did U.S. farmers and workers try to solve the problems they faced in the 1890s?

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There were many steps taken in the late 1800s to help improve the lives of farmers and workers, who were then suffering because of low income and lack of familiarity with technology. The farmers of this time were falling into great debt because they couldn't get the margins on their product they needed to make a decent living. Farmers and factory workers alike suffered from dangerous conditions and low wages that made their lives very susceptible to harm and left them bordering on poverty.

Farmers came together to organize the grange, a sort of union of the time that worked to educate farmers and give them support from one another during difficult times. This organization helped educate the farmers on new technology that could help them make better profits and keep their farms running smoothly.

Eventually, from their organization efforts, a political party arose—the Populist party—which tried to alleviate their burden through a variety of different political actions. They were...

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