What problems did the characters face in Journey to the Center of the Earth?

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Journey to the Center of the Earth was written by Jules Verne. It tells a story about three men who go on an excursion to attempt to reach the center of the earth. Although the men do not ultimately reach the center of the earth, they do encounter many challenges on their journey. Specifically, one of the main characters, Otto Lidenbrock, discovers a guidebook that tells the men the location of a path to the center of the earth. He and Axel, another main character, enlist the help of a guide, Jans Bjelke, who assists them on their journey toward the center of the earth.

Along the way, the men encounter a dormant volcano, but they get launched during a volcanic eruption. This eruption blasts them back to the surface of the earth, keeping them far away from their desired destination. They also run into prehistoric monsters of a secret, underground ocean. Additionally, they must persevere as they become split up from one another. All these events create many challenges for the adventurers, but they do have a thrilling experience. Of course, many of the scenes in the story are fictional, but it allows the readers' imaginations to run wild and picture themselves in the same perilous situations.

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