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What problems are North American farmers facing?

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North American farmers are facing a lot of problems. I will discuss a few of them, but please note that this is by no means a comprehensive list.

Like farmers in all parts of the world, one of the main problems that North American farmers are struggling with is climate change. As temperatures and precipitation patterns change, many farmers are unable to produce the quality and quantity of products that they used to. The increased frequency of extreme weather is also disrupting farmers’ ability to distribute and store crops. For example, long periods of drought limit farmers’ ability to move grain with water. Intense periods of flooding can also make it difficult to use waterways that farmers have long depended on for transport. As a result, many farmers are making less money every year and taking on more debt. These economic problems became worse with the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic and the economic shutdowns that came with it.

Another problem that North American farmers in particular struggle with is the increased reliance on limited resources. Farming in North America is industrialized, and farmers now rely on complex systems and machinery that function on limited resources like petroleum. Dependence on fossil fuels is unsustainable, however, and the resources these farmers have come to rely on will not last forever.

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