What is the problem and solution in the book Hoot?

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There are multiple conflicts in the book "Hoot."  The most immediate conflict to the main character, Roy, is the school bully.  That guy's name is Dana Matherson.  He is relentless in his pursuit of making Roy's life miserable.  Roy's solution is a clever one.  Roy actually manages to frame Dana for all of the vandalism that is happening to the construction site nearby.  Dana goes to juvenile hall and is not seen again. That makes it seem like Roy is just as mean (but more clever), but it really is hard to feel sorry for Dana.  He is just that much of a jerk. 

The other conflict involves the construction site that I mentioned earlier.  The empty lot is the site for a new All American Pancake house.  The problem is that the site is also home to some burrowing owls.  The construction will kill the owls, but the owner and foreman are pretending to not know about the owls.  Roy, Mullet-Fingers, and Beatrice make it their mission to stop the construction project and bring awareness to the owls.  Long story short, the construction project is found to be illegal because of the presence of the owls.  The project is shut down, the owls are left alone, and everybody rejoices.  Well, everybody except Dana.